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Paint It Black

Imagine a colour so dark that, not unlike a black hole, it absorbs 99.96% of the light that hits it. So dark, that when applied to an undulating surface, its curves become... | Read Full Post



As Leonardo DiCaprio reminded us on Oscar night, 2015 marked this planet’s hottest year on record, like ever. So to commemorate tonight’s snowfall—one of only a handful this winter—take a look at the... | Read Full Post


Miami in Photos

Where does the time go? One minute, you’re planning a Lichtenstein-themed Halloween costume; the next minute, three months have flown fly by, and between tying up loose year-ends, and starting a new year’s projects, your... | Read Full Post


Cattelan Film: For Real?

When the trailer for a documentary about Maurizio Cattelan dropped in November, I was super excited at the prospect of learning more about this court jester of the art world–an incongruously private one,... | Read Full Post


Nuit Blanche 2015

If ever the ubiquity of the cell-phone photo was felt, it seemed Nuit Blanche 2015 was the time and place. The art installations and happenings spread throughout Toronto brought out record... | Read Full Post


Temporary Contemporary

Labour Day Weekend. It’s almost by definition a bittersweet time of every year; lazy, perfect days made all the more precious with the knowledge that they are the last fleeting moments of... | Read Full Post


Tuesday Tax Tips

In my last post I repeated the oft-quoted line that two things most people fear most—death and taxes—are among life’s most inevitable events. In the art world, even the savviest collectors are... | Read Full Post

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Northern Migration

If death and taxes are the most reliable things in life, a close third could be the inevitability of artists and art galleries colonizing industrial and under-utilized city pockets. The pursuit... | Read Full Post

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Art for Babies

While I’ve worked on children’s rooms before, spending as much time as I do in Baby Herzig’s nursery these days has given me a renewed perspective on the importance of inspiring the... | Read Full Post


Armory Week in NYC

With the Armory Show set to open in New York this week, my email inbox is brimming with gallery previews of works being brought to town for display and sale. Running March 3 – 8, Armory... | Read Full Post

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