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Typically, one doesn’t think of the summer months as particularly rife with high-minded cultural events. Camping out at concerts and long evenings on the dock or city patios? Absolutely. But citywide, cross-disciplinary... | Read Full Post


Life After Brexit

My grandfather used to say not to ask a question you don’t really want to know they answer to. I imagine that recently-resigned British Prime Minister David Cameron has been wishing... | Read Full Post

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Paint It Black

Imagine a colour so dark that, not unlike a black hole, it absorbs 99.96% of the light that hits it. So dark, that when applied to an undulating surface, its curves become... | Read Full Post



As Leonardo DiCaprio reminded us on Oscar night, 2015 marked this planet’s hottest year on record, like ever. So to commemorate tonight’s snowfall—one of only a handful this winter—take a look at the... | Read Full Post


Miami in Photos

Where does the time go? One minute, you’re planning a Lichtenstein-themed Halloween costume; the next minute, three months have flown fly by, and between tying up loose year-ends, and starting a new year’s projects, your... | Read Full Post


Cattelan Film: For Real?

When the trailer for a documentary about Maurizio Cattelan dropped in November, I was super excited at the prospect of learning more about this court jester of the art world–an incongruously private one,... | Read Full Post


Nuit Blanche 2015

If ever the ubiquity of the cell-phone photo was felt, it seemed Nuit Blanche 2015 was the time and place. The art installations and happenings spread throughout Toronto brought out record... | Read Full Post


Temporary Contemporary

Labour Day Weekend. It’s almost by definition a bittersweet time of every year; lazy, perfect days made all the more precious with the knowledge that they are the last fleeting moments of... | Read Full Post


Tuesday Tax Tips

In my last post I repeated the oft-quoted line that two things most people fear most—death and taxes—are among life’s most inevitable events. In the art world, even the savviest collectors are... | Read Full Post

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Northern Migration

If death and taxes are the most reliable things in life, a close third could be the inevitability of artists and art galleries colonizing industrial and under-utilized city pockets. The pursuit... | Read Full Post

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Art for Babies

While I’ve worked on children’s rooms before, spending as much time as I do in Baby Herzig’s nursery these days has given me a renewed perspective on the importance of inspiring the... | Read Full Post

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