Autumn Action

I’ve been doing the maternity thing again over here, with our divine Baby E. With curatorial projects ongoing, getting out of the house at all these postpartum weeks can seem a major feat; an... | Read Full Post


Miami in Photos

Where does the time go? One minute, you’re planning a Lichtenstein-themed Halloween costume; the next minute, three months have flown fly by, and between tying up loose year-ends, and starting a new year’s projects, your... | Read Full Post

Versace Mansion party

Miami Madness

I’ve just returned from Miami, somewhat exhausted but amped up nonetheless  from an incredible week of nonstop art viewing, and a little bit of partying for good measure. Each year since... | Read Full Post

Michel de Broin Vacuum Orgy

Art Toronto 2013

Being based in Toronto is pretty fantastic (Polar Vortex winter weather and the mayor notwithstanding). There is a robust and growing local arts community with outstanding museums, gallery spaces to explore... | Read Full Post

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