Hoop Dreams

Toronto‘s got terrific sports teams. Not the kind that have seen anything like a championship or cup since 1993, but enough to provide plenty of excitement for me year round. I love basketball,... | Read Full Post


Velvet Buzzsaw

Horror films: not my thing! At the mere suggestion, I sit curled up covering my face, asking what’s happening now…what’s happening now?  The fact that all I knew about Velvet Buzzsaw was that it’s set... | Read Full Post

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.39.25 AM


Typically, one doesn’t think of the summer months as particularly rife with high-minded cultural events. Camping out at concerts and long evenings on the dock or city patios? Absolutely. But citywide, cross-disciplinary... | Read Full Post



As Leonardo DiCaprio reminded us on Oscar night, 2015 marked this planet’s hottest year on record, like ever. So to commemorate tonight’s snowfall—one of only a handful this winter—take a look at the... | Read Full Post


Cattelan Film: For Real?

When the trailer for a documentary about Maurizio Cattelan dropped in November, I was super excited at the prospect of learning more about this court jester of the art world–an incongruously private one,... | Read Full Post


Poehler’s Parody

Good for a laugh to get you over the workweek hump, Amy Poehler‘s new spot for Old Navy pokes fun at the stereotypical self-serious art dealer. While the icy image she... | Read Full Post

cool school

The Cool School

Spending part of my time out in Los Angeles has been an amazing exposure to an entirely different part of the art world. Much has been written about the LA art... | Read Full Post

Boy with Apple in The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

As an adoring Wes Anderson junkie, the announcement of a new release by the Texas-born filmmaker has me giggling with anticipation for months. Gearing up for his latest, The Grand Budapest Hotel, I’d... | Read Full Post

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