Where does the time go? One minute, you’re planning a Lichtenstein-themed Halloween costume; the next minute, three months have flown fly by, and between tying up loose year-ends, and starting a new year’s projects, your woefully neglected blog is crying out for some love. So without another moment’s delay, a few snaps from the Miami fairs to look back at 2015…


 Very energetic, neo-German Expressionist painting by Armin Boehm


 Mexican artist Gabriel Rico‘s Diogenes, a hand-painted ceramic (not wood!) box, with 25 hand-painted ceramic diamonds


 An eye-catching booth at NADA Art Fair featured canvases that looked like stretched silk, but were actually graffiti-ed canvas, cleverly manipulated by Jan-Ole Schiemann


 Overwhelming poignancy in under 20 inches: Louise Bourgeois Saint Sebastienne casts the New Testament martyr in female form, rendering her Venus of Willendorf-like form in fabric and steel


 A Fred Tomaselli textile work, created with characteristically exuberant detail, in wool background and silk birds with metallic thread detail


 Japanese artist Yuji Ueda‘s ceramic works were a delicate, earthy, quirky bright spot at the fairs


 Laeh Glenn creates digital-looking paintings that feature illustrative takes on art historical references


 Fashioned from hundreds of thousands of strung pearls, Paola Pivi’s sculpture was perhaps one of the most inherently precious works at Art Basel Miami Beach


 A Plexiglass wall piece by Christian Haub straddles the line between sculpture and light work

It was an exhausting and exhilirating time at the fairs, as always, and a great way to wrap up the year. Looking forward to sharing more art together in 2016!