Whether planning your travels or looking for the best of what’s local, a number of outstanding sculpture shows on view right now should keep your eye for art satiated. 


New York: Kara Walker at The Domino Sugar Factory, Through July 6

As previously discussed on the blog, this much-buzzed-about show examines the history of sugar refinement and its social implications. Walker, one of the foremost contemporary American artists, has created a massive sphinx made entirely of sugar, as well as smaller sculptural installations, all located in the soon-to-be-demolished Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn.

Kara Walker

 Kara Walker, A Subtlety, 2014. Photo: Jason Wyche, courtesy of Creative Time.


New York, London & Berlin: Lynn Chadwick, Retrospectives, May 29 – July 6

These concurrent shows in three cities, each with their own curatorial focus, will explore the sculptor’s 50-year career. Lynn Chadwick (1914-2003) was one of the leading sculptors of post-war Britain. In 1956, he (yes, he) became the youngest sculptor to win the awarded the coveted International Sculpture Prize at the 1956 Biennale, besting elder statesmen including Alberto Giacometti. Today, Chadwick’s works are featured in the collections of  major museums, including MoMA, the Tate, and the Pompidou. Lynn Chadwick

 Lynn Chadwick, Sitting Couple, 1973. Photo courtesy of Blain/DiDonna


Paris: Prune Nourry, Terracotta Daughters, Through June 1

This young French artist is certainly one to watch. Interested in the demographic imbalance in China, and directly inspired by the famous Terracotta Army of Xi’an, Nourry worked with Chinese artisans to create her own life-size army of more than 100 figures modelled after real Chinese girls. The installation is an impactful vision with an important message.


 Prune Nourry creating one of her Terracotta Daughters in Lintong, Xi’an, China. Photo by Zachary Bako, courtesy of Prune Nourry


Hong Kong: Toby Ziegler at Simon Lee, Through July 1

Marking the British-born artist’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, this sublime show features oil-on-aluminum paintings and sculpture that utilize both digital and handmade techniques to create subtle and intricate abstracted landscapes.

Toby Ziegler

 Toby Ziegler’s newest installation. Photo courtesy of Simon Lee Gallery