JHAA’s core inspiration is the vitality artwork brings to one’s home, workplace and  life.


Whether advising clients on their first piece of art, or helping seasoned collectors expand the scope of their holdings, JHAA can navigate every aspect of the acquisitions process. With a background working across collecting categories at some of the most trusted institutions in the art world, JHAA maintains the highest standards in organizing purchases through private dealers, galleries, auction houses and artists.

Services are entirely customizable; JHAA can source artwork that meets clients’ budget and aesthetic objectives, with an extensive knowledge of the international art market and an understanding of its past records, values and trends.

Maintenance and display

The power of placement cannot be underestimated; how a work is displayed and a collection is rotated can make all the difference in one’s experience of it, and JHAA can advise on installation in both private and corporate settings.

With a broad network of experienced professionals throughout the industry, JHAA can manage the packing, transport, framing, insurance, lighting, and conservation of artworks to ensure their utmost beauty and stability.

Cataloguing and research

Streamlined and cohesive cataloguing services are also available. JHAA can obtain accredited appraisals; research provenance, loan and sale history; and create an organized and searchable database for your art collection.


When considering a sale, JHAA is available to guide clients through every aspect of the de-accessioning process, to ensure a seamless experience and the greatest possible return on artworks. This includes identifying pieces in a collection that can be sold or donated to the best effect; determining the appropriate venue for sales (private treaty, by consignment, or via auction); and negotiating contracts to ensure the most advantageous terms on clients’ behalf.


Looking at and discussing artwork is a part of daily life at JHAA—attending international art fairs, visiting artist studios, auction houses, gallery shows and museum exhibitions year-round. It is a pleasure to share that experience with clients, and exhibition walkthroughs can be arranged for individuals as well as groups.

JHAA is on hand to answer questions and help diffuse sometimes-confusing language when discussing both the aesthetic and financial considerations of an artwork—no question is “wrong.”

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