Velvet Buzzsaw

Horror films: not my thing! At the mere suggestion, I sit curled up covering my face, asking what’s happening now…what’s happening now?  The fact that all I knew about Velvet Buzzsaw was that it’s set... | Read Full Post


A Roncesvalles Stroll

Toronto’s Roncesvalles area is home to some of the city’s most exciting and inspiring galleries and shops. There is a creative, artisan spirit to businesses like Blacksmith Cycle and restaurants like Branca which gives the neighbourhood... | Read Full Post


Autumn Action

I’ve been doing the maternity thing again over here, with our divine Baby E. With curatorial projects ongoing, getting out of the house at all these postpartum weeks can seem a major feat; an... | Read Full Post


Temporary Contemporary

Labour Day Weekend. It’s almost by definition a bittersweet time of every year; lazy, perfect days made all the more precious with the knowledge that they are the last fleeting moments of... | Read Full Post

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 11.09.34 AM

Northern Migration

If death and taxes are the most reliable things in life, a close third could be the inevitability of artists and art galleries colonizing industrial and under-utilized city pockets. The pursuit... | Read Full Post


Kehinde Wiley

As a longtime fan of Brooklyn-based artist Kehinde Wiley, this week was an exciting one; a mini-immersion into the his art and process. Those who might be unfamiliar with his name may still... | Read Full Post


Poehler’s Parody

Good for a laugh to get you over the workweek hump, Amy Poehler‘s new spot for Old Navy pokes fun at the stereotypical self-serious art dealer. While the icy image she... | Read Full Post

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