New York


Getting Emojinal

Millennials text almost exclusively with them. Even your mom has managed to master the smiley face/red heart combo. And now, they’ve entered MoMA‘s collection—perhaps the most canonical grouping of modern artworks anywhere. Whether... | Read Full Post


Armory Week in NYC

With the Armory Show set to open in New York this week, my email inbox is brimming with gallery previews of works being brought to town for display and sale. Running March 3 – 8, Armory... | Read Full Post


Swoon in Brooklyn

I’m never one to shy away from over-the-top art installations; in fact, falling down the rabbit hole of completely transportive environments is one of my most joyous pastimes. Given this predilection... | Read Full Post


Studio Visit: Holton Rower

I recently visited the New York City studio of artist Holton Rower, a fabulous far-West-Village space completely undetectable from outside, and reached by a precipitously steep staircase lined with twinkling lights.... | Read Full Post


Kara Walker: Domino Sugar Factory

For some time now, New York-based nonprofit Creative Time has been promoting its upcoming project with artist Kara Walker, set to take place from May through July at the long-abandoned Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn,... | Read Full Post

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