Labour Day Weekend. It’s almost by definition a bittersweet time of every year; lazy, perfect days made all the more precious with the knowledge that they are the last fleeting moments of summer. I always feel torn between wanting to chill as hard as possible, and doing something memorable and special at the same time. For those in the LA area this weekend, a perfect answer to those dual urges is to visit “Temporary Contemporary,” a new pop-up exhibition opening in Malibu.

Several of my favourite LA galleries, among them Francois Ghebaly, Night Gallery and M + B, are dispatching to the beach; held at Malibu Village a stone’s throw from the PCH, the sound of crashing waves will make a perfect backdrop to the exhibitions and live performances throughout the weekend. For those with alternate plans for Labour Day, fret not—the event will remain open up until and including Halloween. What better place than Malibu to turn your autumn into an endless summer?