As previously discussed on the blog, Art Basel Miami Beach (and its attendant satellite fairs) is the veritable Super Bowl of art events in North America. Held at the beginning of every December, this weeklong bacchanal of art and commerce comprises an ever-increasing number of exhibition openings, live performances, and of course, dinners, parties, and marketing opportunities. It’s a 100-mile-per-hour gathering of artists, galleries, collectors and dealers from around the globe. Overwhelming? Absolutely.

Some years, however, greater forces take over and the circus of ABMB falls by the wayside. This was perhaps my most exciting and powerful Art Basel yet—and I wasn’t in Miami at all. In late November, Mr. Herzig and I welcomed (our first) Baby Herzig. Though free time has since been scarce, social media and some useful online art platforms have helped me stay in the loop.

While many major news outlets report from the Miami trenches, ArtnetNews‘ free daily digests are a helpful way to check out what is going on there, and in the art world at large throughout the year. Their newsletters are certainly worth signing up for.

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Of course, Instagram is a quick and easy way to access a wide array of content and peek in on what other people are seeing at the fairs (and in between). I was able to peruse my feed of favourite galleries, art bloggers, curators, and friends with a good eye for art—a great prescription to alleviate any lingering sense of FOMO. For inspiration, feel free to look at my @artadvisory‘s list of “following” and “followers.”

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For unmatched online access to artworks being shown at the fairs (often before doors to the real-life fairs open), Artsy is another favourite resource. It is unfussy, navigable, free, and partners with fairs held around the world all year long. While it seems the art world is growing larger and larger, with more events to attend each season, at least technology is making it possible to feel somewhat present—even bleary-eyed, from a rocking chair at 4 am.