Anyone familiar with Winnie Truong’s work knows that hair is her inspiration and creative point of departure.  In her stunningly detailed coloured-pencil drawings, hair is both a protector and mildly subversive threat, crowning glory and barrier to entry.

Last night, I enjoyed a fantastic visit to Winnie‘s Toronto studio as part of a tour I led for the CFIM Associates. She was gracious, erudite and funny, and kind enough to let our group poke around the space she shares with the outstanding painter, Kris Knight.

In the studio with Winnie Truong

 The artist discussing her latest works

Winnie discussed her meditative methodology; after a small preparatory sketch (a number of which peppered the studio), she works by hand without projections, often taking weeks to painstakingly execute her coloured pencil drawings.


Palindrome, 2013, pencil crayon on paper

That extraordinary patience and concentration has brought her substantial recognition, with recent exhibitions in Canada and the U.S., and illustrations in publications including the New York Times Magazine. No doubt we’ll be seeing more of her work soon.


 A Quiet Place to Rest, 2011, pencil crayon on paper


Genesis, 2013, pencil crayon on paper


 Unabridged Volume, 2013, pencil crayon on paper